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Disputes with Independent Schools Solicitors

Sending your child to private school is an investment in their future.  Independent school education creates many opportunities for your child to fulfil their full potential. If you feel your child’s school is not living up to their obligations, your expectations, or that they have treated your child unfairly, you have the right to raise a complaint.

Disputes with independent schools can be an arduous and time-consuming. In making a complaint it is important to make sure you have all of the evidence you need to support your case and that you are able to present it in the best possible light to protect your child’s education.

Thankfully, our team at IBB Law is here to help. We only act on behalf of children and their parents in cases against independent schools. We do not act for independent schools. All our lawyers spend 100% of their time on education legal work so you can be sure we have the expertise and dedication to seek the best outcome for your child. Give Rachael, our senior legal administrator, a call on 01895 207230 to find out how we can help, or email her.

Independent School Contracts

Parents who send their children to independent schools enter into a formal contract that, if breached, is actionable in law. Both parties must abide by the contract. Independent Schools are liable for their actions including the actions of any employees of the school.

IBB Law has  years of expertise in dealing with (amongst other things):

The process of making a complaint can be intimidating for many and leave parents vulnerable to the potential power imbalance that can exist between an established, long-standing institution and your family unit. Having legal representation from specialist education solicitors can help guide you through the process and make sure that you have the best chance possible of achieving your specific goals as part of your dispute.

Our specialist educational law solicitors understand the importance of tact and resolution when it comes to resolving disputes with independent schools. Being able to amicably defuse or resolve a dispute is almost always more favourable to legal action. Our team will work with you to make sure that you are able to quickly and efficiently bring an end to the dispute.

If discussions stall or legal action is the only path remaining, we will work with you to provide first class care that ensures you are fully supported.

What type of independent school complaints do the IBB Education Law team deal with?

We most frequently deal with cases involving lack of special educational needs (SEN) support, insufficient support to enable a child to succeed and progress at school, bullying and discrimination.

Cases and claims against independent schools are frequently based on breach of the contract that the parents entered into with the independent school. Where there is a breach of contract claim against an independent school, there may also be a claim for a refund of school fees, if the school has failed to meet its obligations under the contract with the parents.

What do others say about IBB’s Education Law Solicitors?

Here are a few comments of what others have said about our Education Law legal team.

“From the outset they listened and guided me through my options. I have been struck by the consistency in their process, their professionalism and empathy. Their strengths have definitely been in their willingness to collaborate with other legal professionals in order to give you the best possible chance of success. They don’t shy away from meeting online and so I really feel understood and cared for.”

“Very personal service where nothing is too much trouble. Prompt in all responses and no stone left unturned to advise thoroughly ensuring the best decision is made. Impressive high standards in all aspects of service. I can’t rate them highly enough.”

“I believe IBB Law Education Team have shown themselves to be true to their word. They have collaborated with me in terms of what to expect at each stage of my case. Their practice is transparent and open, also they are clear and concise regarding the fees.”

How do I make a complaint against my child’s independent school?

All schools will have a policy setting out the details of how parents can make a complaint and how this will be handled by the school. If you cannot see this on the school website, ask the school for a copy of the complaints policy.  If, following your complaint, you feel it has not been handled properly you can consider appealing the decision to the board of governors.

Depending on the nature of the complaint and outcome you may want to take legal advice, to assist in presenting your complaint or making an appeal after the initial decision.

How much will it cost to pursue a complaint against a private independent school?

We offer a fixed fee initial consultation with you, to hear your story and to consider documents you have in respect of your dispute, complaint or concern with your child’s private independent school. If you would like a fixed fee consultation, carried out on Microsoft Teams, please contact Rachael, our senior legal administrator, who will explain how we may be able to help. Rachael will send you a link for you to choose a day and time for the online consultation, that is convenient to you.

Alternatively, telephone Rachael on 01895 207230.

At the end of the fixed fee consultation, we will advise you on the prospects of making a successful complaint or claim against the independent private school and what the costs of achieving your objective will be. The cost of work, after the initial consultation, will be determined by how much work is involved. We will provide you with our estimate, based on experience, as to what that work is likely to cost. In some cases we are able to offer a fixed fee to deal with an entire complaint against a private school. If applicable, we will offer this to you at the end of the initial consultation.

Please note that we are only able to take on cases on a privately paying basis. If you are unable to privately fund your case, or you looking for general guidance on what actions you can take to protect you or your child’s education rights, we recommend you contact Citizens Advice.

Get clear legal advice and support for dealing with disputes against independent schools

If you want to know more about how we can help with disputes with independent schools, please contact our education law senior legal administrator, Rachael, on 01895 207230 or email educationteam@ibblaw.co.uk