Finding and Tracing Assets in Divorce

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Finding and Tracing Assets in Divorce

When making a financial settlement during divorce, both parties are legally required to make a full disclosure of their assets. This ensures all relevant assets can be properly considered and that the settlement you reach is fair. If you believe your spouse may be hiding assets, we can provide specialist help to trace and find them.

At IBB Law, we have exceptional expertise in dealing with financial matters in divorce, including complicated issues such as finding and tracing hidden assets. We can use various methods to ensure all relevant assets are uncovered, so you can be confident that any settlement you reach is fair and will meet your long-term needs.

We are particularly experienced in dealing with cases involving high-value and complex assets in the £2-10million range, including business assets and international assets.

Where you suspect your former partner of attempting to hide assets, a careful approach is needed to avoid any escalation of hostilities, while ensuring you do not miss out on the full value of settlement to which you are entitled. We can tailor our approach to your situation and priorities, taking a tactful angle or more robust stance to get the best outcome for you.

In many cases, a full disclosure of assets can be agreed through negotiation, mediation and other non-confrontational methods. However, our l team are highly experienced in pursuing these matters through the courts, so no matter how challenging your circumstances, we will use every tool at our disposal to ensure you get a fair settlement.

To speak to a member of our family law team about finding or tracing assets during divorce, or to arrange an initial fixed fee consultation, give your local IBB Law office a call in Beaconsfield, Reading or Uxbridge, or email

Why IBB Law are the right choice for advice on finding and tracing assets

IBB Law is one of the highest ranked law firms in the South East for divorce and family law, holding Tier 1 ranking from the Legal 500 for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex and Band 2 ranking from Chambers & Partners for Watford, Uxbridge and the surrounding areas.

Our Family Law team is headed by Amanda Melton, a highly experienced specialist in divorce finances who has achieved consistent recognition from the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners, including for her “exceptional professional knowledge” and “strong interpersonal skills”.

A number of our team are members of Resolution, which is an organisation promoting a cooperative approach to divorce and family law. Family Law Partner Kate Ryan is a Resolution-trained mediator who frequently helps clients to achieve negotiated financial settlements even under the most challenging circumstances, including where there are questions over the full disclosure of assets.

We offer an exceptional, personalised client service for every stage of divorce proceedings, helping to make your situation simpler and less stressful. One of our experienced family lawyers will take responsibility for your case from start to finish, so you will always know who to talk to if you want an update or need a question answered.

How we can help you with finding and tracing assets during divorce

Getting a court order for asset disclosure

If you believe your spouse is not being forthcoming with all of their assets, we can apply to a court for an order requiring them to make a disclosure of all relevant financial documents and other information.

Failing to comply with such a court order could see your spouse charged with contempt of court, so this can be a strong incentive to them to make a full disclosure where they have previously shown reluctance.

Tracing international assets

Tracking down international assets that your spouse has not disclosed can be very difficult, but with the right professional support it is usually possible to uncover most types of assets held in foreign jurisdictions.

We can advise on requesting relevant documents and tracing all types of offshore assets, including businesses, investments, hidden bank accounts and property.

Establishing the true value of assets

Knowing the value of the assets disclosed by both parties is just as important as knowing what those assets are. This can be particularly challenging when dealing with business and other assets where their value may be hard to determine.

We can recommend forensic accountants who we work with on a regular basis who can provide an independent valuation for both parties’ assets, giving you confidence that any settlement represents a fair division of your shared assets.

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To speak to a member of our family law team about finding or tracing assets during divorce, or to arrange an initial fixed fee consultation, give your local IBB Law office a call in Beaconsfield, Reading or Uxbridge, or email

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