Tenant Eviction and Rent Arrears

Landlords are often caught out by the complicated procedures for evicting a tenant from residential property.

Evicting tenants and occupiers from residential properties without obtaining a Court Order is unlawful and amounts to a criminal offence. Landlords who fail to pay rent deposits into statutory deposit schemes are liable to fines and are prevented from serving certain eviction notices on tenants.

Serving the wrong eviction notice on tenants is likely to prevent a landlord from obtaining a court order for an eviction and would cause a substantial delay in recovering possession of a property.

Tenants who are not paying rent can cause severe headaches to landlords. Usually, the most effective way to recover rent arrears from tenants is by taking possession proceedings.

IBB Law regularly advises landlords on the recovery of tenant rent arrears, payment of rent deposits into statutory deposit schemes and the eviction process to recover possession of residential properties.

We can provide advice in relation to different grounds for eviction, how best to evict tenants and enforcing possession orders.

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