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Commercial Contract Disputes

Disputes often arise from a breakdown in relationships with your trading partners, be it suppliers, customers, distributors, agents or anyone else you deal with in the course of your business.

Our commercial dispute resolution solicitors are experienced in dealing with these disputes from the outset. We regularly advise in relation to breaches of contract and on the best way to extract yourself from a contract that is no longer working for you.

If urgent action is required we are experienced in obtaining interim injunctive relief to protect your commercial interests in the short term while the dispute is being resolved either by Alternative Dispute Resolution or through the Courts.

We will guide you through the dispute process both procedurally and tactically.   We advocate trying to settle disputes at an early stage through negotiation, mediation or other Alternative Dispute Resolution processes. We are conscious of the investment you make, both in terms of cost and management time, and are therefore keen to resolve your disputes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible and to maximise your position at the outcome of the dispute.

Should it be necessary to take your dispute to Court our team has experience of litigating in both the Chancery and Queen’s Bench Divisions of the High Court, the various specialist lists within those divisions, and the County Court.

If you would like assistance with a commercial contract dispute please contact Paul Kite or a member of the team on 01895 207954 or email