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Commercial Mediation Services

Business disputes can escalate quickly into all-out litigation wars that cost not only time and money, but can damage the reputation of your business too. At IBB Law our ADR Group Accredited Mediators can either mediate your dispute as an independent mediator or represent you at mediation as an advocate.

Mediation Appointments

What do we offer?

When appointed as mediators we are not here to offer advice, but to facilitate negotiations to bring the parties to a viable settlement. We encourage parties to consider the ‘core dispute’ and other mitigating factors. Our mediators provide a link between both parties, and play an important part in resolving the situation.

We will not impose a decision on either party, and until a binding agreement has been reached, you can walk away from the process at any time. The process is entirely confidential, as well as being considerably cheaper than litigation.

Our mediation team has experience in facilitating the resolution of a wide range of commercial disputes, including:

Mediation can be initiated at any time during a dispute, although the earlier it is started, the quicker a resolution can be reached. Even if court proceedings have already begun, they can often be stayed to give mediation a chance to resolve the issue outside the courts.

Mediation Advocates

As well as acting as mediators our solicitors are frequently instructed to acts as advocates for parties undertaking mediation.

We can guide you through important steps of the process, including:

  • advising you in relation to the merits of your case
  • appointing the correct mediator for your dispute
  • preparing your case so that it can be put forward at its most forceful at mediation
  • advising you in relation to tactics both prior to and during the mediation
  • acting as your advocate on the day putting your case to the mediator and your opponent
  • negotiating and advising you in relation to negotiation tactics
  • once an agreement has been reached reducing the agreement to a binding written agreement.

For more information on our commercial mediation service, call us now on 01895 207954.