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Construction and Engineering Dispute Resolution


Disputes about respective legal rights and obligations can emerge even if there is a well drafted contract in place. Many construction and engineering contracts include dispute resolution agreements that set out the procedure the parties should follow in the event of a dispute. There is also legislation that dictates the types of dispute resolution procedure that may be available.

Understanding the available types of dispute resolution procedure, and the applicable rules, is essential. Failure to select the right procedure or properly follow the rules can result in an unsatisfactory outcome.

IBB is experienced in the main types of construction and engineering dispute resolution procedures including:

  • Mediations
  • Expert determinations
  • Statutory adjudications
  • Contractual adjudications
  • Arbitrations
  • Litigation (in the County Court, Technology and Construction Court, Chancery Division and the Court of Appeal)

We work with our clients to identify the most suitable expert witnesses to provide advice to the client, and ultimately to assist the judge, arbitrator, adjudicators or mediators  to resolve the dispute.

IBB has excellent relationships with some of the leading construction and engineering barristers working in the UK today.

Our easily accessible and spacious Capital Court offices in Uxbridge can be made available to our clients for the conduct of mediations, expert determination hearings, adjudication hearings and arbitration hearings, thereby saving on the cost of hiring ‘arbitration suites’.

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