Corporate Finance

Businesses need adequate funds in order to function effectively, to grow and develop and to be profitable. At different stages a business will inevitably require different types of funding. In many cases a business will have to raise funds for the acquisition of assets (ie property and equipment) or simply for the daily needs of the business (working capital).

Our work typically includes:

  • corporate lending and refinancing;
  • acquisition finance facilities;
  • asset-based lending facilities;
  • debt capital markets;
  • subordinated debt and inter creditor arrangements.

Whether the arrangement relates to acquisition finance, corporate loan facilities, hire purchase, factoring agreements, guarantees or selling equity in your business to an investor, lending or borrowing money has inherent risks, irrespective of the client’s requirements. Our corporate team can assist so that you are fully aware of the options available and the “pros and cons” of each potential arrangement, which will enable you to make an informed and confident decision.

Our corporate lawyers work closely with the firm’s commercial real estate team in relation to advising the major banks and financial institutions on lending finance for the acquisition of assets or working capital facilities. This gives us the benefit of having comprehensive insight on how lenders operate.

When acting for a bank, the team’s wealth of experience enables us to swiftly identify and address the pertinent corporate issues in terms of obtaining and enforcing collateral so that the position of the lender is not prejudiced.

When acting for a business client, the aforementioned advantage allows our corporate lawyers to identify and advise on any potential issues, which may be detrimental to you or your business in terms of any borrowing.

Once you have decided on the type of funding, our corporate team can help guide you through the entire process, from the initial stages of negotiation through to completing the paperwork and distributing the funds.

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