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Acquisitions, Mergers and Disposals

Business sales and purchases can involve any sized business, from small and medium entities through to international companies. Regardless of the nature or size of the transaction, it is crucial that the deal is structured appropriately and all key issues are properly addressed.

One of the fundamental issues to consider from the outset is whether the disposal or purchase should be of assets or shares of the company being sold or bought. Once instructed, our Corporate Specialists will explore the nature of the transaction with you and any other professional advisers involved (accountants or tax specialists, for example). This cohesive approach helps us advise you on the detailed structure of the transaction and negotiate this so it is most beneficial for you. Our ethos is that whilst tax efficiency should not be the sole driving force behind a deal structure, it is a fundamental factor that needs to be given appropriate priority and consideration.

Our Corporate Specialists have advised on deals of all sizes (including management buy-outs and buy-ins), with values ranging from the thousands to tens of millions of pounds. We ensure that the same high level of care, professionalism and attention to detail is provided at all times, irrespective of the size of the deal. As we regularly act for buyers or sellers, we understand the dynamics of a deal from both perspectives and so can provide strategic and commercially-focused advice.

Most transactions are inevitably complex and the obligations on and potential liabilities of both parties may not be immediately obvious. It is therefore important to ensure that the transactional documents, when finalised, reflect the deal agreed between the buyer and seller and that you, as our client, fully understand the obligations and implications of the transaction.

Our Corporate team has extensive knowledge and expertise in all stages of a potential transaction, including:

  • initial structuring of the deal;
  • conducting the due diligence and disclosure process;
  • drafting and negotiating the terms of the transactional documents; and
  • dealing with post completion matters.

If you are considering the acquisition, disposal or merger of a business, we advise that you instruct solicitors at an early stage – for example, when negotiating the value of the transaction, non-­disclosure agreements or heads of terms – as this will often help you to avoid significant pitfalls and the incurrence of unnecessary loss or costs later in the process.

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