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Employment Contract Law

It is a legal requirement that employers provide their employees with certain contractual information.  However, contracts, policies and procedures should not be viewed as a hindrance.  In fact, on the contrary, they are vital tools that should exist in all businesses whatever its shape or size.  These documents are critical in defining working relationships and will inevitably be the first port of call when any dispute arises. Investing in getting the written documents right from the outset can save a business time, hassle and money further down the line.

As well as outlining the working relationship, contracts, policies and procedures have many functions.  They can assist a business with reinforcing its branding, attracting talent and more.  In order to be most effective, contracts, policies and procedures should be regularly updated so as to reflect changes in the law, but more importantly so that they develop and grow with a business.

A ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be adopted when putting together and reviewing contracts, policies and procedures.  Our employment team have a breadth of experience drafting both complex and simple contracts, policies and procedures for a variety of sectors. The employment team will work with you to understand your industry, your business, your culture, your goals, and your workforce to ensure that your business invests in a suite of documentation that becomes an integral part of your business.

To discuss  issues relating to employment contracts and policies please call our specialist employment law team on 01895 207892. Alternatively email your details to  employment@ibblaw.co.uk