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The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 is the biggest reform of divorce law in fifty years and it means that blame will no longer need to be placed on a party to initiate divorce proceedings.  Under previous legislation, parties could only apply for a divorce if they proved to the Court that their marriage had irretrievably broken down and evidenced it with facts such as adultery or unreasonable behaviour.

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 How does no-fault divorce work?

  • You no longer need to give evidence of irretrievable breakdown.
  • Removes the possibility of contesting the divorce. As the element of fault is removed, the application cannot be contested, unless for reasons of validity, jurisdiction or existing divorce.
  • Introduces an option for a joint application. Applicants will still be able to submit a sole application if their spouse does not agree however parties can now amicably file an application together.
  • Ensures the language is in plain English. Previously, once the Acknowledgement of Service had been filed, the Court would grant what was known as Decree Nisi. This has changed to a Conditional Order and can only be applied for once 20 weeks have passed.  The final stage of the divorce used to be known as Decree Absolute, which is now referred to as the Final Order.
  • The Court fee will remain at £593.
  • Service will now be undertaken by the Court and will be by email.
  • Unlike before, you cannot automatically claim costs against the other party and so costs will only be available in limited circumstances.

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Our divorce solicitors are based in West London, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, but we work with clients all over the UK and abroad. We are happy to meet in person, as well as working over the phone, by email and through video messaging, so we can fit around your busy schedule.

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