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Family disputes can become entrenched in the ‘blame game’, and can quickly escalate to a point where it seems that litigation is the only solution. But at IBB Law, we believe that the first port of call should be mediation – getting both parties talking without the pressure of the courtroom bringing undue influence onto the proceedings. In many cases, mediation is the first step towards successfully resolving a family conflict – from divorce and separation through to financial arrangements.

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A chance to meet on ‘neutral ground’

Mediation is voluntary. It’s an opportunity to meet on ‘neutral ground’ and is chaired by one of IBB Law’ impartial mediators. Their role is to help both parties reach an amicable agreement without the need for litigation or court proceedings. We’re not here to pass judgement or enforce a decision, but to guide both parties towards a conclusion that suits everyone by providing fair and impartial information. We don’t ‘advise’ as such, but instead provide an environment in which you can speak frankly and openly about the situation.

Once a solution has been reached a Memorandum of Understanding and an open summary of financial information can be drawn up, so that both parties have written evidence of what has been agreed. If the arrangement breaks down at a later point, this can be referred to in any future proceedings.


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Not only does mediation give you a more informal and relaxed environment in which to resolve your dispute, but it can also be a considerably cheaper alternative to litigation too.

If you would like help in resolving a personal dispute through mediation, call us in confidence now on 03456 381381. Alternatively, email us at

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