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Franchise Dispute Solicitors

Entering into a franchise can be a lucrative opportunity for both franchisors and franchisees, however, it is not uncommon for franchise disputes to arise. To safeguard your business interests, our expert franchise dispute solicitors can help. We can offer expert assistance with franchise disputes, and also assist parties in the early stages of their commercial relationship, for instance, to draw up a franchise agreement.

At IBB Law, we have ample experience working with both franchisees and franchisors.

We can provide assistance in many different ways, including:

  • General legal advice for franchisors and franchisees, particularly concerning disputes
  • Mediation to resolve franchise disagreements out of Court
  • Support with litigation processes where such disagreements cannot be settled with mediation

Why choose IBB Law as your franchise dispute solicitors?

At IBB Law, we have much experience providing legal advice and support to a wide range of franchisors and franchisees. Our solicitors take a robust approach, and have an excellent success rate of resolving disputes both swiftly and cost efficiently.

With our extensive expertise, you can be confident that you’ll receive a tailor-made service that perfectly supports your commercial needs. Our franchising team have an excellent reputation, we are rated highly in both the Chamber & Partners guide, and the Legal 500.

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If you require legal advice and support, our franchise agreement solicitors are available in Uxbridge, Chesham, Reading and Ascot. You can call one of our legal offices directly or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page and one of our legal team will call you.

How our solicitors can support you with franchise disputes

Legal advice on franchise disputes

If you are caught up in a franchise dispute, our expert solicitors can offer the legal advice that you need. Once our franchise dispute lawyers have assessed your case, we can provide impartial expert recommendations, based on your circumstances.

Clients may need legal advice on franchise disputes in a number of different situations, including:

  • Issues concerning intellectual property rights, for example, the franchisee has certain used brand aspects without having specific permission to do so
  • The franchisor has misrepresented certain aspects of the business, and the franchisee has depended on this information for decision making
  • Disputes concerning the termination of a franchise agreement

Mediation for franchise disputes

Franchise dispute resolution is often achieved using mediation processes. The process allows both parties the opportunity to discuss their issues and preferences, in attempt to negotiate and come to an agreement that resolves the dispute. The parties are guided through the session(s) by a trained mediator who remains impartial whilst attempting to guide the individuals towards an agreement.

Our solicitors at IBB Law have much experience supporting clients to resolve mediation disputes, including but not limited to, the following issues:

  • Disputes where either party has breached the terms of a franchise agreement
  • Other types of franchise agreement disputes, for example, the franchisee has failed to pay fees that they are liable for
  • Accusations that the franchise was mis-represented
  • Issues where the franchisee has caused reputational damage to the franchise brand
  • Situations where a breach of confidentiality has occurred

Litigation for franchise disputes

Not all franchise disputes can be easily resolved, for example, where the relationship between the involved parties has completely broken down. Under these circumstances, mediation may not be the best dispute resolution method, and franchise litigation processes may be more appropriate.

If you need to go to Court to settle a franchise dispute, our solicitors can ensure that you have the legal advice and representation that you require. Our franchise dispute solicitors can assist parties who would like to go through the process of terminating a franchise.

Common questions about franchise disputes

A franchise dispute means a disagreement between a franchisee and franchisor. For example, a dispute may arise due to a breach of contract, or a breach of intellectual property rights. If you are experiencing a franchise dispute, it is important that you get in touch with a specialist solicitor.

Franchise disputes can be resolved with mediation, this is a type of legal process that is used to settle disagreements out of Court. During the process, a trained mediator guides both parties, helping both to express their viewpoint and preferred outcome. The idea is that the parties can come to a mutually agreed conclusion, bringing an end to the dispute.

Where franchise disputes cannot be settled with the help of mediation, it may be necessary for the parties to go through Court proceedings, to resolve matters.

Mediation is most suitable where both the franchise and the franchisor would like to resolve the dispute. Where one or both parties would like to terminate the franchise, our expert solicitors at IBB Law can assist clients with the next steps.

To learn more about franchise dispute resolution in Ascot, please get in touch.

Depending on the situation, some franchise disputes may be unavoidable. Other disputes may be avoided by having a clearly drafted franchise agreement in place.

A franchise agreement tends to cover areas such as could cover:

  • Information about the franchisee and the franchisor
  • The responsibilities and duties of both parties
  • Details concerning the fee structure
  • Details about the franchisee’s right to sell
  • How long the franchise will last, and information about renewal options
  • Legal compliance information
  • The circumstances under which the agreement could be terminated

Yes, it is possible for a franchisee to get out of a franchise agreement under certain circumstances. For instance, your franchise agreement may have a termination clause which details when and how the agreement may be terminated. An example might be that the franchisee can terminate the franchise if their rights have been breached, and resolution has failed.

If you would like to terminate your franchise agreement, our franchise dispute lawyers in Ascot can provide legal advice, review the circumstances at hand, and assist you to do so. There may be various circumstances under which a franchisee can exercise their termination rights. This will usually depend on your franchise agreement, and the particulars of the dispute.

Yes, it is possible for a franchisee to take legal access against a franchisor. For instance, where the franchisor has misrepresented the franchise, and the franchisee has experienced a loss as a result.

If you’re a franchisee who would like to take legal action against your franchisor, please get in touch with IBB Law, to discuss your case and your options.

Franchise disputes occur for a number of reasons. For instance, if the franchisee or the franchisor fails to carry out proper due diligence as before entering into the franchise. Where either party has failed to invest in these processes, problems can easily occur. For example, it could come to light later down the line that the company model was unsuitable for franchising. Equally, it could be that the franchisee was not well equipped to take on their position.

Other common franchise disputes include breach of contract, any false representation of the business, or issues due to a poorly drafted franchise agreement.

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If you require assistance or legal advice, our franchise agreement solicitors are available in Uxbridge, Chesham, Reading and Ascot. You can call one of our legal offices directly or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page and one of our legal team will call you.