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Lasting Powers of Attorney

These enable you to appoint someone (or more than one person) as an attorney to make decisions for you if you lack the mental capacity to make those decisions for yourself.

Lasting Powers of Attorney  (LPA)

There are two different types of LPA

1. LPA (Property and Affairs)

This deals with your financial affairs and enables your attorneys (the people you appoint) to help you to manage your bank accounts and investments, apply for benefits and buy and sell property.

2. LPA (Health and Welfare)

This is a new type of Power of Attorney and enables your attorneys to give consent to medical treatment and welfare decisions such as where you live.

There is another type of Power of Attorney, made before 1 October 2007: Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)

Although it has not been possible to create new EPAs since 1st October 2007, any EPA completed before then remains valid and we can assist you with registering the EPA if that is necessary.

Please click here to download our LPA factsheet and form.

We offer our clients a fixed fee for the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney

This includes:

1. Meeting with you to prepare the LPA and ensure that you have the necessary mental capacity.

2. Acting as Certificate Provider unless we are being appointed as attorneys. It is a requirement that an independent person certifies that you have capacity and that you are not being put under any pressure.

3. To obtain the attorneys’ signatures.

4. Registering the LPA at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)

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